Wednesday, January 20, 2016

WEF Davos in Session in Europe 1/20- 1/23/2016 key points on the Global Economy and Financials

WEF Davos in Session in Europe 1/20- 1/23/2016 key points on the Global Economy and Financials

DCarsonCPA on the Integrated Lines of Domestic and Global Research on the Economy and Financials Our Lines are the Values lines to help on the Entity and Policy needs in the Economy through the Financials. From the view lines to the key points for the immediate needs of Entities as engines of growth and opportunities and to the key points of corresponding Value and Interaction where Industry, NGO, Non Profit, Government and Individual / Family and Community lines on value meet in the Economy through the Financials. Where we meet in the Comprehensive Framework of Cross Functional Research on Entity to Economy and Economy to Entity (E2E^2) lines corresponding to the opportunities to work with Financials, Technology and the Framework of Policy, Governance and Compliance to help on immediate improvements for Entities and Individuals / Families. Working from the Broad Lines for the Economy and the Community and Societal needs of Citizen Stakeholders as the end line of Ownership including Shareholders and the broader view to value in the Economy. Carrying that knowledge to Entity level needs for Performance improvements in the Economy through the Financials and the continual search for balance on the Cost-Benefit lines to help on growth and cross sector improvements and for the needed lines for Growth Capital in the Economy and Financials. The appropriate balance of the needs on Growth and the needs on Prudent Risk Management map the broad lines of Accounting, Tax, Financials, Compliance, Technology, Policy Research and Communications to help on teamwork for the Economy and Growth. On the Global Lines we are focused on the needs for Trade and productive teamwork for Global Humanity.

DCarsonCPA Global

DCarsonCPA Domestic and MFC Lines

DCarsonCPA PIRI Lines

DCarsonCPA GRC Lines

DCarsonCPA Knowledge Strategy

DCarsonCPA Entity and Cross Sector Lines 

DCarsonCPA on Technology and ICT lines - Data, Communications, Financials, Compliance and Analysis through the Project Management, Business Analysis and related lines of Technology Hardware, Software, Programming, Communications and Data lines of ICT and related needs on IT Governance, IT Controls, Integrated Knowledge Strategy (FIN Tech, Ed Tech, Health Tech and more) and the Risk + Cyber and IT Audit lines of key needs on Teamwork on Growth and Prudent Risk Management in the Economy and Financials.

DCarsonCPA support lines for the Entity (Industry, NGO, Non Profit, Govt) 
and Individual / Family needs in the Economy and Financials you can learn more at or follow the links above for more on select points on the lines 
where we meet in the Economy and Financials.

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